Stepping Stones Christian Preschool

Building a bright future one step at a time.

About Us​

Stepping Stones Christian Preschool serves children from 2 to 5 years old. We offer both part time and full-time schedules and have extended care hours. We are actively enrolling.

A Place to Grow

Stepping Stones Christian Preschool of Bozeman nurtures a love of learning, prepares children for success in their future academic life and builds relationships with families and the greater community. We cultivate an atmosphere in which all children and families are accepted and loved for who they are in a safe, God-centered environment.

Enrichment Classes

Providing unique experiences to learn and play

Art Appreciation

This enrichment class takes art to the next level! Children are introduced to several art mediums and dive into the different forms of art using techniques of famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. This class allows children to explore art forms, build self-esteem and encourage imagination and creativity. The children put on an art exhibit for the parents to attend showing off all that they have created throughout the class.

Makerspace icon

This enrichment class fosters innovation through hands-on experimentation. Children tinker using tools, recycled materials etc. to create/invent something magnificent. Makerspace promotes the development of new skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication. Children produce a “Makerspace” exhibit to display their most magnificent creation. This class truly supports whole brain learning! 

Music Movement icon
Music & Movement

This enrichment class takes singing and dancing to the next level! Children are exposed to different styles of music and dance from many genres. This class fosters the development of skills such as creative expression, social/emotional and gross motor development. The children in this class put on a performance for their parents showcasing all that they have learned throughout the class.

Sports Camp icon
Sports Camp

This enrichment class introduces your child to the world of sports! They learn about the rules of the game in sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. This class promotes teamwork, physical development, coordination, and fun! The children get to play in matches against one another showing off all they have learned for their parents.

Drama icon

With imaginative story lines and intriguing characters, drama class is a safe place where children get to suspend reality and transport away to a make-believe world where anything is possible! In this class your child discovers the art of performing and storytelling on stage and in film. Drama helps children develop self-esteem, creative thinking, and the vital skill of public speaking. Children work on characters and dialog to create a performance for their parents.


At Stepping Stones Christian Preschool we provide a new and interactive environment each day that encourages a lifelong love for learning through play and exploration. We develop the whole child using diverse curriculum and hands on learning experiences. We understand that every child learns and grows differently, and we pride ourselves on providing a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, intellectual, social/emotional, and spiritual growth of each child.

Love & Logic

Stepping Stones Christian preschool is a Love & Logic school. Each staff member is trained and implements the philosophy of Love & Logic using empathy while providing natural consequences to promote children in solving their own problems.

Our Staff

All of our staff members attend at least 16+ hours of annual early childhood education training and meet Montana State licensing requirements. Our teachers are well qualified and either have or are currently working towards their college degree. Each classroom consists of one lead and one assistant teacher, keeping our ratios low and the quality of care that your child receives high. 


Amy and Jenni

Meet the Owners

Amy Benson and Jen Murray are sisters who share a passion for early childhood education. Together, they have combined experience of over 50 years working in the field of education. They founded Stepping Stones Christian Preschool to help bring quality childcare and education to Bozeman, Montana in the hopes of building a bright future one step at a time!

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